There Can Be Only One.

2009-12-20 02:57:31 by KPhanton

Made in GMOD + Photoshop.

There Can Be Only One.

what did you guys do on level 3? i cant pass the second blue box.


2009-12-16 07:25:23 by KPhanton

We soldiers will win this War! prepare yourselves for defeat demomen!

new avatar and profile pic.

2008-10-14 22:05:34 by KPhanton

i´ve taken some time doing that '-'


2008-07-09 15:37:57 by KPhanton

i still have school so i wont be making my first flash soon...

Workin on My First Flash

2008-06-21 12:44:36 by KPhanton

Im starting the stories of my OC, KOdama Phanton, well, its going well i guess..
if u guys have any idea to my story of the White Demon Ninja?

Hello... i Am Kodama Phanton.

2008-06-18 21:18:46 by KPhanton

soo people, hows it? im here... well im still learning sprite flashes, but its going well =D